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Director's Welcome

The purpose of Project Moving Forward is to level the playing field for English learners and other diverse learners so they can access and be successful with the core curriculum. The goal is to close the opportunity gap by accelerating students’ language and literacy skills through an engaging and rigorous, research-based system of, language, literacy, vocabulary and thinking skills starting in kindergarten. Project Moving Forward’s accelerated language and literacy program enables students to open the doors to learning.

- Dr. Linda Ventriglia-Navarrette

  Director, Project Moving Forward & Project Adelante

Welcome to Project Moving Forward

Project Moving Forward, funded by a $1.9 million federal grant, is focused on schools and communities working together to close the achievement gap through an innovative program that targets vocabulary along with language and literacy development.

Despite the fact that literacy instruction is a significant part of the student’s day,large numbers of English learners and other undeserved minorities experience a large achievement gap in literacy achievement when compared to their middle class peers. Project Moving Forward identified...

How it Started

Project Moving Forward started in Sacramento, California and in Moreno Valley California. It was started to address the achievement gap that exists for English learners and other diverse learners including economically disadvantaged students. The goal of Project Moving Forward was to increase academic achievement for...

Project Moving Forward: A Benchmark for Student Success

January 29, 2018

Project Moving Forward Wins Golden Bell Award

December 13, 2017

Project Moving Forward Poised for Growth With $2.7 Million Grant, County Recognition

October 11, 2017

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