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Our Mission

Project Moving Forward

Establishing Educational Equity Closing the Achievement Gap

Project Moving Forward was written to establish educational equity for English Learners and other diverse students from poverty backgrounds who cannot fully access educational opportunities due to linguistic and socioeconomic barriers.

Research shows that English learners and students from poverty enter kindergarten with less than half the vocabulary words of their middle class peers. They also have been exposed to less academic language learned through conversations. Since research shows that vocabulary is the highest predictor for school success, English learners and other poverty students start school at a disadvantage.

English learners and students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds also start school with limited phonological skills. Since phonological skills are highly correlated with literacy development, they are once again at a disadvantage. Research shows that these inequities which are in place at school entrance continue over time and the achievement gap grows larger and larger as these students progress through school.

Kindergarten and the early grades are an optimum time to put in place critical academic supports because it is a time of rapid change in the child’s growth. The formative years of 5-7 are critical years because development which is started is most often maintained. Primary acceleration of critical skills in language and literacy provides a means to establish equity early on in the educational process before students become so far behind it becomes very hard to catch up.

Project Moving Forward is a unique program that restructures education starting in kindergarten tapping into researched-based best practices that English learners and other students from poverty need for academic success. Project Moving Forward establishes equity through vocabulary development, combining phonological development and intuitive grammar learned through conversations at an early age. It is a process whereby language and literacy development becomes more meaningful, fair and effective.

Project Moving Forward accelerates learning through the RULE of 3 or RAP learning system that engages students in vocabulary, language and literacy development as they REHEARSE, ANALYZE and PRODUCE words.

Project Moving Forward restructures the way language learning is delivered so that children from poverty are not disproportionately left behind.