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Masooda RAPs her way to Vocabulary Learning

June 10, 2017


Project Moving Forward using the RULE of 3, enabled me to help an Arabic speaker named Moosada to learn English.  Masooda is in Mrs. Johnson’s fifth grade at Seneca Elementary School.  At first, it was hard to communicate with Moosada because she understood very little English and I did not speak Arabic. She had difficulty  understanding even simple English instructions. Therefore, I began to teach her English using the RULE of 3.


The RULE of 3 or RAP enables English learners to learn the English language through a systematic process in which they REHEARSE, ANALYZE and PRODUCE words. The first step is to have students REHEARSE or “spell and say” the vocabulary words in response to visuals. I started to work with Masooda by labeling visuals and then having her “spell and say” the words that corresponded to the visuals. For example, I taught Moosada the word “clothes” by showing her multiple pictures of different types of clothes. By showing her different types of clothing, I helped her identify the difference between styles and types of clothes.


Next, I taught Moosada to ANALYZE the words. First, I taught Moosada the letter names and the beginning sounds. Then I taught her the vowels and vowel patterns on the ANALYZE chart.  I began to teach the parts of speech. I helped Masooda identify root words and suffixes. Finally, I had Moosada PRODUCE the words. I had Moosada write the word and draw her own picture for the word. Then I taught her to use the words in a simple sentence. Finally, I had Moosada answer a question using the word that I taught her. The RULE of 3 helped Moosada fully understand all aspects of the word and engrave it in her brain. Ultimately, Moosada was able to add each new word she learned to the dictionary book in her head.


Masooda is a very sweet person. She exhibited a great passion for learning. When I taught her a new word, she tried her best to learn it. She used the words she learned across subject areas.


Each time that we had our tutoring session, she would get excited and start singing her ABC’s. I would tell her to say a word for each letter when she sang her ABC’s. Although she sometimes needed my help identifying words, she was persevering and tried to do the best she could. Even though Moosada is motivated to learn, she still needed a lot of help because she was new to the language. I used conversations to help develop her oral English. The conversations Moosada and I had helped her to begin to speak to her classmates. I think RAP also helped her succeed in school because she now knows more English vocabulary. She is able to use the vocabulary she learned in her daily life. Knowing more words is always better! I know that my tutoring helped Moosada begin to speak and write in English.

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