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RAP Develops Students' Potential

June 10, 2017

PMF has allowed me to become confident in my skills as a tutor and mentor to the children enrolled in Seneca Elementary School. Through the RULE of 3 or RAP systematic vocabulary and English language development program, I have seen students thrive and reach their fullest potential.  The RAP worked well with students who spoke different languages and those who came to school with completely different alphabet systems. I used the RAP system to help students learn to communicate and gain literacy skills in the English language. The REHEARSE, ANALYZE and PRODUCE which are the three parts of the RULE of 3 allowed my student to truly immerse themselves in the English language, and not just mimic it. Because of  the RULE of 3 or RAP system of language learning, I am confident my students will continue reaching language learning milestones at record rates!


When I first met Masooda, I could tell how much she wanted to learn. She had a sparkle in her eye and the tenacity to complete each assignment that I gave her.  Masooda had just moved to America from the Middle East. She spoke no English. She was shy and timid, but very sweet and hard working. Mrs. Johnson, the fourth grade teacher, worked with Masooda. She gave her alphabet and word learning activities taken from the RAP strategies. When I began working with Masooda, she still did not know the English alphabet, and knew very few words in English She did know “hello” and “pencil”.  We hardly understood each other. We smiled a lot at first and pointed to objects. Her way of communicating with me was by smiling and trying her best to learn what I was teaching her.


Masooda was intrinsically motivated. She tried to repeat every word I said. She learned the English alphabet perfectly in record time. I gave her flashcards so that she could practice the ANALYZE English sound-spelling patterns in class and at home. When I realized how much Masooda was learning, I was elated. I realized it wasn’t just Mrs. Johnson or myself, it was through her own effort! She was the one trying to read, sounding out the words and learning new sight words through the endless flashcards I gave her. Masooda has come a long way, and I am so proud of her accomplishments. Though she has a lot of work ahead of her, I am confident Masooda will catch up with her fifth grade peers in record time.


As a Project Moving Forward tutor, I helped Masooda succeed. I used what seemed to be endless activities to teach her the alphabet. We would color, repeat and trace, the letters.  Once I felt she was excelling in her ABC’s, I moved on to the ANALYZE chart and the sound-spelling patterns of English words. We would use the ANALYZE chart 1 and ANALYZE chart 2 to put the sound-spelling patterns together to create words. I also gave her English sight words on flashcards. I started by teaching her all the kinder and first grade sight words. I used questioning and conversations with Masooda throughout the whole process. Even though at times she did not understand me, I do believe our conversations greatly contributed to her learning English. She would talk to me about her siblings and about her home in the Middle East. Even though sometimes we were both at a loss deciphering what the other was saying, the main meaning always came through.


I think I increased Masooda’s ability to succeed in school through kindness. Masooda once told me she was having a hard time making friends. I think having someone to work with her one on one as a tutor really helped her. I also think the external motivation I gave her helped a lot. I always either gave her a high five, a big smile or a supportive phrase. These little things made her so happy and motivated her to work even harder. Masooda was an amazing student to work with. I am excited to see the progress Masooda will continue to make with her continued hard work and dedication.

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